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Forward-thinking companies formally appoint us as an independent voting member of their retirement committee to provide strategic fiduciary leadership and manage their governance process.

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We provide the following comprehensive services

Offering a great retirement plan to your employees while navigating the rapidly-changing fiduciary landscape has never been more difficult. That’s why companies who want to provide retirement security to their people while gaining the confidence they’re on a solid fiduciary footing turn to us. Led by one of the retirement industry's most well-respected experts and using industry-leading tools and innovative methodologies, we focus on helping you solve today’s problems while staying ahead of the (k)urve on tomorrow’s issues. Services such as fiduciary training, advisor and/or recordkeeper RFPs, and fee consulting can be provided on a standalone basis. Have questions or want to explore your possibilities? Contact us to schedule a short discovery call.

Independent committee member appointments

You can formally appoint us as an independent member of your retirement committee to lead your fiduciary governance strategy. We'll even serve as committee chair if you want!

Fiduciary training

We provide comprehensive fiduciary training for your committee with a focus on real-world issues and insights using our proprietary Fiduciary U™ curriculum developed in consultation with Fred Reish, one of the country's leading ERISA attorneys.

Fee analysis, benchmarking, and negotiation

We verify your plan fees are right-sized, transparent, and that the marketplace is treating you and your people fairly. We negotiate on your behalf when fees are misaligned.

Vendor management, search, and selection

We run the RFP process to help you select the right recordkeeper and/or advisor for your plan. Post-sale, we help hold your vendors accountable to ensure they are keeping their promises and following through on their commitments so you don't have to.

IPS design and investment monitoring

We assist the committee with developing an investment policy statement (IPS) and participate in the monitoring of your plan's investments and the performance of investment managers or advisors.

Plan design consulting

We make sure your plan is aligned with evidence-based research and proven strategies to increase participation, deferral rates and diversification.

Fiduciary decision-making documentation

We work closely with our fellow committee members to analyze, formally document, and retain fiduciary decisions.

Strategic plan management

We develop a multi-year strategic plan to improve your 401(k) or 403(b) plan's Fiduciary Wellness™, identifying key objectives and results to target so that we can measure our collective success.

Financial Wellness™ strategy, design and implementation

We help you analyze the current financial wellness solutions and approaches within the marketplace and implement the solution that matches your company's needs.

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